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Adding SEO to your existing strategy can help you get more sales, target a wider audience, get more visible and boost the effectiveness of your existing Social Media and PPC Campaigns.
We help you identify your audience, its problems, how it searches online, and craft a great strategy to get these people onto your site.
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Your challenges

Reliance on paid traffic

PPC campaigns are great, but the ROI isn’t great. And if you stop spending, you stop selling. By building a robust SEO strategy, you can stop relying on PPC, grow your brand awareness, and get more top-of-the-funnel traffic..

Reliance on social media

Social media is an important part of any eCommerce strategy, and it’s not going away. But social media only gives you people who buy on impulse. It’s really hard to build a steady flow of customers without spending a lot.

Sales are too seasonal

Most stores rely on sales for their revenue: black friday, holiday, etc.

With a great SEO strategy, you will be getting more sales all year long, and not only a few times a year!

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Get more sales with our advice

10 things you can do this month to improve your eCommerce SEO performance

Here are 10 free, actionable tips to improve your eCommerce SEO right away. Most eCommerce sites have the same technical & content issues, and you can fix some of them in minutes.

Don’t wait to start improving!

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Fix the technical issues holding you back

eCommerce SEO starts with having a sound website that search engines and users can find, understand and ultimately want to visit.

Our technical SEO experts can guide you through all the pesky stuff: structured data, site architecture, indexation issues, canonicals, redirects, multilingual sites.

We work hand-in-hand with your team to make sure the foundation of your store (and brand) is right.

Get your products to the first page

Product pages are the staple of your store: you want them to rank high and for the right queries.

We can push those product & category pages at the top of the search-results through careful optimization, internal linking, strategy, structured data, and, of course, a solid strategy.

Stop using tactics, build a strategy!

SEO starts with knowing your audience and designing a strategy to target it. You can have the best SEO in the world, it’s meaningless if you are not solving your audience’s problems.

Our team of seasoned SEO Strategists will help you create a strategy that matches your goals, and execute on it.

Convert your traffic into sales

Make the most of your existing traffic with a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) project.

Boost your sales right away with the help of our CRO experts, and turn your online store into a sales machine!

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Don’t believe us: See our results

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What we can do to help

Technical &
On-Page SEO

SEO Strategy

Content Production

Conversion Rate Optimization

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