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Meet one of the best SEO teams in the business.

We’re an agency focusing only on one thing: bringing value to our clients through SEO & CRO projects.

Our team is multicultural and 100% remote. We’re always on the hunt for the best talent in the industry!

Meet the entire team

Business managers
Vince — CEO, Founder,
SEO Lead

Vince has 7+ years experience in the SEO world. He started as an SEO content specialist (after he dropped out of his medieval literature PhD at McGill University, Montreal for lack of opportunities in the field) and quickly became a renowned SEO consultant. He has lots of experience in all things SEO, but excels at designing complex user-focused strategies that deliver amazing results.

He founded SEO Therapy in 2020, and we’ve been growing ever since!

Vince plays guitar in a ska-punk band, loves smoking cuban cigars (kind of a cigar nerd, but shhh) and owns a samoyed named Cloud (how original!).

Jules — Senior Account Manager
Jules fell in love with SEO 6+ years ago and has been working, testing, studying, and consulting on it ever since. He has spearheaded companies and projects around SEO and he believes a strong audience-centric approach to be at the heart of any success.

Jules is a night owl with a love of reading and sports who you’ll find chasing the sun and/or mountains when he’s not glued to his laptop.
Laura — SEO Project Manager
Laura has been managing successful SEO projects for almost a decade. She has worked in Paris and Hong Kong, and is currently living in Montreal. She’s a go-getter and a problem solver above all.

Our clients love working with us

Our clients
love working with us

Founder of Flowium, Full-service email marketing agency
SEO Therapy made me believe in SEO again. We went from 3k organic visits to 13k, in 5 months.
Adrien Lafond
CMO of Anco
Technical Control Agency
We have implemented an SEO strategy with SEO Therapy, with stunning results.
They also helped us develop a complex web application in record time.
SEO Therapy has become our strategic partner for all of our digital development.
I strongly recommend them.
Benoît Larrouquis
CEO of Expat Assurance
International health insurance company
SEO Therapy has helped us a lot. In addition to the SEO work, they also created high-quality blog content perfectly tailored to our business.
This has generated much greater brand visibility and helped us to improve our reputation within our niche.
Philippe Dorthe
CEO of Robin du Bois
Custom Furniture Company
Kristin, On-Page SEO Specialist

Kristin comes from a journalism background. After graduating from Brussels University, she has written for various Belgian publications before becoming an SEO specialist at SEO Therapy. She now manages the content for our international clients, and makes sure that all blog posts are perfectly written and optimized.

She still doesn’t have a permanent address and moves from one country to another every 6 months. She says that allows her to learn new languages and try new kinds of food !

On-Page SEO Specialist
Charlotte,On-Page SEO Specialist
Charlotte is an on-page SEO specialist at SEO Therapy. She first graduated with a master degree Research in Linguistics and then decided to make her way into web copywriting and SEO. She is now in charge of the content for our outstanding French clients, and makes sure we have quality and optimized content. When she isn’t behind her computer, she is outside exploring new places, enjoying time outdoor and experiencing new activities like skydiving, diving or sailing.
On-Page SEO Specialist
Cynthia, On-Page SEO Specialist
Cynthia fell into SEO after spending several years teaching kids in France. She also studied French literature in University and lived in Canada for a few years. She likes physical activity, astronomy, drawing and taking pictures. Fun fact: she grew up in Martinique!
SEO Intern
Stéphane, SEO Intern
Stéphane is our French intern, and has been with us since the beginning! He actively participates in the development of each of our projects, in various aspects. In his free time, he can spend time on a physical activity to preserve his physical fitness, or participate in online gaming tournaments!

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